The Scriptures are God's Word

Jan 20, 2019    Josh Soto

It is written. It is loved. It is hated. It is against the law in many places, Yet it is the source of law, its very basis. It is ancient. It is future. It is present. It is poetry, history, story, and blessing. It is knowledge carved into stones, And it’s printed on t-shirts, And plastered on billboards, And hung on the walls of our homes. It is ink on pages. It is scribal scribblings. It is eternal wisdom. It is life giving. It is the Word of God, A spoken script, A speaking Scripture, Holy Writ. It’s the word about the Word made flesh. It’s the words from the One whose breath Spoke and there was light, Separated the day from the night, Spoke again and there was life. And that Word is still speaking Through his written word: The word of the Lord, Sacred writings, Spirit’s sword. It’s a God-breathed, man-written Spoken Word for all the broken. And it was given to make us whole, ‘Cause man can’t live on bread alone.