The Blessing of Parenting

Jun 10, 2018    Bryan Laughlin

Like light shining in a dark place, like leaven mixed into a lump of dough, or like seed sown in fertile soil, the kingdom of Christ is advancing as the gospel bears fruit in all the world. For this gospel is the good news of the One through whom and for whom all things were made. It’s the good news of how He rescues and redeems, overcoming our rebellion to make us heirs with his Son. It’s the good news of how He slays religion with the gift of his grace. It’s the good news of how He forgives sinners, cancels our debts, and triumphs over our strongest enemies. It is, in other words, the good news of how God shall overcome every obstacle to reconcile us to himself, and to one another, by making peace through his blood shed on the cross.