God is Coming

Began on 11/10/2013

After facing years of persecution and devastation, God's people were finally back in the land he had given them. Yet their hope seemed as broken as the city walls. The temple was a shadow of its former glory. There was no king on David's throne. So the people grew afraid. Many turned their backs on God. They began to wonder: Will the Lord keep his promises? Will he bring justice to the world? Will he return to his people?

The book of Malachi gives the answer: God is coming. Remember his love and faithfulness. Give up your idols and turn back to him. For those who stand against him, his coming will be a raging fire. But for those who trust in him, his coming will be like the dawning of the sun, full of light and hope and healing for the nations.

Over four hundred years later, the prophecy of Malachi was fulfilled in Jesus. He was Emmanuel, God with us. As we enter the Advent season, we share in the longing of all God's people-not for the arrival of the Messiah, but for his glorious return. God is coming. His name is Jesus.

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